Client Support

ta-Scan user support teamBehind the scenes of ta-Scan we build a strong relationship with our clients. While ta-Scan is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, you may still need some help. Rest assured that our dedicated client support team is at the ready to assist you with training, questions, or specific requests.

New users automatically receive needs-based training to address specific business requirements and to help your organization get the most out of ta-Scan.

Do you have any further usability questions? Try our e-learning platform or contact our client support team now via You can also call us at +32 3 870 97 50 between 9 AM and 5:30 PM CET.


Key ta-Scan features include:

Research Landscape Comparison Wizard

Offering a simple way to view the worldwide site landscape, the RLC wizard can take up to four drugs and create a powerful global report on related sites and their research implications. In addition, its interactive dashboard allows you to evaluate varied geographic metrics by simply zooming in on any area of interest.

Find Sites with Experience in Specific Modes of Action

Identifying sites with the necessary level of experience and quality can be challenging. Even more so when variables, such as biomarkers and genomic subgroups, are factored in. But ta-Scan can help. Our semantic mechanism of action search tool can quickly identify groups of investigators working with a specific and/or novel mode of action.

Understanding Your Research Landscape

Understanding your clinical research landscape is an essential part of trial planning, as sites competing for the same patients need to be assessed before any reasonable recruitment assumptions can be finalized. With ta-Scan you will have the tools you need to quickly identify, evaluate, and differentiate important sites parameters.