It's all in the planning...

From benchmarking to selecting countries, sites, and investigators

Trial Planning
& Site Selection

In today’s competitive development environment, accountability for strategic and tactical planning is increasingly impacted by the time it takes to efficiently access and evaluate large amounts of diverse data. But ta-Scan allows study teams to dramatically decrease that time. In fact, it is quickly becoming the industry standard for rapid and reliable data retrieval.

In just seconds, ta-Scan can help you:

•   Identify sites which have been hidden in registries

•   Establish reliable benchmarks and recruitment metrics

•   Bring assumptions to life with compelling visualizations


Create living documents

Clinical trials occur over time. If a large trial starts one week after you have completed your feasibility assessment, ta-Scan can provide a dynamic solution for updating study-related documents in real time. You create the template; ta-Scan keeps refreshing the content.

Utilize dashboards and pre-loaded analyses

Filtered by indication, dashboards display trial enrollment, sponsors, and developments since the last data refresh. Use them to browse tables of researchers and sites, and to drill down to thousands of minute data points in detail.


Navigate the entire trial process – from a global, country, or local perspective. Dashboards can provide a snapshot of high-level trial analyses, research resources, publications, drugs and their modes of action, and weekly updates.

Associating data: the power of semantics

Exploring relationships between data is the very mission of ta-Scan. This includes:

•   Using a list of trials to associate all related sites with just one click.

•   Using a list of sites to associate investigators connected to your chosen indication.

Jump actions can be performed on any table generated by the system, including search results.

Visualizing networks

A picture may be worth a thousand words. But without the full picture, you are only telling part of the story.

Traditional spreadsheets, charts, and graphs can convey valuable information. But these visual tools are often limited in their ability to communicate the data relationships that today’s global clinical research environment demands. With ta-Scan, study teams can depict and/or display real-world geography, research activity organized by therapeutic relevance, heat maps, relevant KOLs, and leading organizations. Through geographic and demographic links, ta-Scan can also provide estimates of patient availability near active sites.

Worldwide, country, and competitive reports

From epidemiology to country activity, ta-Scan’s competitive reports can help you understand your therapeutic landscape at a glance. And with just one click, indication reports can be generated and shared via email.

In addition, ta-Scan can create customizable report dashboards. For example, a dashboard can be set up to continually compare your company’s portfolio with the industry average in a specific country. Competitive reports can also help you monitor your regional presence, and be alerted to new trials or new investigators entering your therapeutic area.

Investigator and site data

With ta-Scan, you will quickly find comprehensive investigator credentials. Shareable summaries of associated trials and their sites are rendered with just one click. And each full investigator report aggregates all available data in a neatly formatted, shareable two-page summary. In addition, KOL résumés rate global and local network influence, and fully disclose investigator identification and location, known associations and trials, sponsors, study names, most recently started and completed trial, and presentation history.

“My main task here is writing smart algorithms that capture the relevant and filter out the irrelevant.”

Data Engineer at MDCPartners

Interacting with ta-Scan

When you really need to analyze specific data, use ta-Scan’s List Builder and workflow modules to create a view that is tailor-made for you.

Trial Feasibility Wizard

Who says magic isn’t real? It is when this wizard helps you conjure up enrollment success and optimize your country allocation. It also tracks essential recruitment variables, enrollment slope, competing trials, and site capacity in one simple report output.

List Builder

Use this graphically guided tool to directly query the database and render customized lists of individuals, trials, organizations, drugs, and publications, per precise parameters.

Country Allocation Wizard

This evidence-based pre-feasibility tool ranks countries according to specific clinical criteria. Using algorithms to evaluate experience and evidence in a particular indication, it also factors in the availability of research centers and investigators, on-going patient recruitment, and experience with certain sponsors or drugs. In addition, the Country Wizard calculates and provides metrics for population and geography variables in your model.

Site Selection Wizard

Combining any user-defined set of trials to provide a powerful analysis of study sites and trial metrics, this comprehensive wizard generates complex algorithms to provide complete site and trial decision support.

Research Landscape Comparison Wizard

Offering a simple way to view the worldwide site landscape, the RLC wizard can take up to four drugs and create a powerful global report on related sites and their research implications. In addition, its interactive dashboard allows you to evaluate varied geographic metrics by simply zooming in on any area of interest.

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