Are you missing out on medical experts?

More than one third of active researchers are currently falling through the cracks in searches.

Expert Profiling
& Medical Affairs

Changing paradigms of clinical research impact KOL selection. Identifying champions and advisors to help you make informed decisions is a crucial part of drug development and commercialization. While understanding the stakeholder landscape and influencers is a subjective task, ta-Scan offers an objective scoring system that enables you to rank stakeholders by their medical stature, and stratifies thought leaders by strategic need.

•   Identify the KOL/stakeholder landscape

•   Identify technical experts for protocol advice

•   Facilitate participation of investigator networks

•   Supporting value demonstration

•   Train speakers and support brand optimization


Find medical experts on the go with ta-Scan Podium

With ta-Scan Podium, our new semantic search application, MDCPartners is going mobile. ta-Scan Podium allows you to leverage the powerful search capabilities of ta-Scan’s clinical intelligence database to find Key External Experts on the go, using any tablet device.

If you are moving into a new disease area or if you are trying to identify new therapeutic experts in an existing indication, why remain limited to the endless number of databases, only available on your desktop? Whether you’re at your desk, at a meeting or a conference, you can now search, refine, save, and share any expert profile with a few simple clicks on your tablet.

Learn more about ta-Scan Podium in the video below and see how it can improve your work effectiveness.
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Utilize dashboards and pre-loaded analyses

Filtered by indication, dashboards display tables of researchers and their institutions. Use them to drill down to the detail of thousands of data points, and to see how researchers are connected within their countries, regions, and worldwide.

Visualizing networks

Text and static images cannot fully demonstrate relationships, so ta-Scan uses design tools to help you visualize the relevance and associations of specific thought leaders. Once you identify an expert you can instantly view their sphere of influence as a co-investigator, co-author, or participant in medical societies.

KOL résumés of thought and research sites

Quickly view and share elegant, comprehensive reports detailing an investigator’s background, including trials, publications, presentations, received payments, and networks. You can also see a research center’s footprint in early and late stage pharmaceutical development, as well as its evolution in research. Geographic and demographic links also provide estimates of patient availability near active sites.

I spend a lot of my time engineering the illusion of simplicity. I try to shield the ta-Scan users from the complexities that large data analyses often involve.

Software Engineer at MDCPartners

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