Is your information credible?

Trustworthy data on the research environment is crucial for making evidence-based decisions.

Competitive Intelligence
& Disease Landscapes

ta-Scan aggregates the scientific landscape and presents you with the best analytical tools for:

•   Managing key thought leader relationships

•   Monitoring publications from ongoing trials

•   Monitoring presentations on new compounds

Thought leader profiles

The ta-Scan semantic link between literature and clinical footprint will help you identify trials and thought leaders associated with unique therapeutic compounds, mechanisms of action, and biomarker research.

Competitive activity

Monitor trials as they enter your therapeutic area, based on their target patient population or mechanism of action.

Company and site profiles

With just one click you can view the research footprint of a competitor or investigational site, including:
•   Trial data
•   Prominent drugs under research
•   Linked investigators
•   Publications
•   Co-sponsors

When new data comes on board, we are challenged to provide our users with the best options to visualize the outcome in the most comprehensive way. Restyling the graphic user interface has been key to improve the user experience.

Software Engineer at MDCPartners

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