Other Data Visualization Solutions

In addition to ta-Scan, our premier public clinical data platform, MDCPartners can provide clients with data visualization tools for building reports, visualizing trial timelines, and depicting the activities, trials, publications, and interconnecting relationships of experts.



Custom reporting

CTAR is a complementary tool that supplements your ta-Scan data searches and analyses by generating customized reports that are automatically updated with each weekly ta-Scan data refresh.



Visualizing data relationships

Another complementary ta-Scan tool is LifeRhythm, which displays data in an appropriate visual context with interdependent variables. So, for example, you can search for the interconnectivity of any leading researcher.
LifeRhythm also provides a quick method for visualizing the origins of scientific papers, so one publication can connect users to others who have presented on the same topic or participated in related trials.
LifeRhythm also includes a robust event dashboard, which tracks recent data revisions.



Advanced Gantt charts

Alesia, another complementary platform, allows ta-Scan users to depict their clinical trial analyses as advanced Gantt charts.

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