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ta-Scan World Alzheimer's Day 2018 1

News Published on September 21, 2018

World Alzheimer’s Day: a Snapshot of the Indication

As today it’s World Alzheimer’s Day, let’s stop and think about the stigma related to this progressive disease which impairs the memory, along with other mental functions. More importantly, we need to break the stigma as this disease affects so many among us, not only patients but also their loved ones.

Today, Alzheimer’s Disease is the most frequent cause of dementia in the western world, with over 5,5 million patients in the USA alone and an estimated patient population of over 24 million globally.

Trial and Sponsor Activity

ta-Scan provides you with a quick overview of the current clinical research landscape, a landscape which has been evolving quite significantly in the last few years. With 525 trials currently ongoing, of which 275 started in the last two years, it’s a clear sign this disease area has not lost any awareness.

ta-Scan World Alzheimer's Day 2018 2

With many major pharmaceutical sponsors running big research trials, most trials are still in early phase research as the disease is so complicated to understand.

ta-Scan World Alzheimer's Day 2018 3

Unsurprisingly, Eli LillyRoche, and Johnson & Johnson are the top three sponsors in this domain. However, over the last years this list has expanded with some new names such as Biogen (collaborating with Eisai), Otsuka (collaborating with Lundbeck), and Cognition Therapeutics, who have shown a steep increase in clinical activity. Could one of these companies finally come with the break we’ve all been waiting for?

Sites and Investigators

ta-Scan has identified over 5000 clinical study sites and over 5500 confirmed investigators globally who are involved in enrolling patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, in the hope to find a treatment for many more people.

As visualized below, the number and location of study sites and investigators indicate a high patient density distributed, not only in North America and Europe, but also in the Asia-Pacific region, reminding us of the severity of this global disease.

ta-Scan World Alzheimer's Day 2018 4


Over the years, there have been several theories on what the perfect target for new Alzheimer’s disease drugs should be. This list has currently narrowed down to two main theories:

  1. The Tau Hypothesis, a theory which is still active. Some drug compounds to keep an eye on the following months: ABBV 8E12 (Abbvie), BIIB 092(Biogen), ACI-35 (Johnson & Johnson), and AADvac1 (Axon Neurosciences).
  2. The Amyloid hypothesis, a theory which seems to be supported by the majority of sponsors. This theory contains a long list of research drugs. However, several of these studies have had to be halted due to safety or response issues. Johnson & Johnson, with their atabecestat, is the last to join this list of halted studies. A drug that is showing promising results at the moment: Biogen and Eisai’s BAN2401, currently in phase two and interesting to keep an eye on in the future.
ta-Scan ASH 2017

News Published on December 8, 2017

What to expect at ASH 2017?

The 59th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the American Society of Hematology (ASH 2017) will be hosted in Atlanta from the 9th to the 12th of December 2017, for another exciting round of stimulating discussions and presentations of results in the malignant and non-malignant Hematology field.

ASH 2017 ta-Scan Abstracts

Top 10 Therapeutic Areas

Unsurprisingly, Leukemia will be the hottest topic at this year’s ASH meeting, followed by Lymphoma, Anemia and Multiple Myeloma. Other presentations will cover research about Hemorrhage, Myelodysplastic Syndromes and other Blood Coagulation Disorders, in which the interest has remained stable over the past 3 years.

ASH 2017 ta-Scan Top 10 Therapeutic Areas

Top 15 Commercial Sponsors Trials over the Last 3 Years

From a trial perspective, you can expect considerable differences in trial discussion activity compared to the past 2 years. With an increase of almost 70% in presentations about trials (427 trials in 2017, compared to 255 trials in 2015), the 59th ASH meeting has 323 new trials in store for its attendees. This trend confirms the commitment of several sponsors to stay ahead and relevant in the field of Hematology.

ASH 2017 ta-Scan Top 15 Commercial Sponsors Trials

Most impressive is the increase in trials sponsored by Roche and Johnson & Johnson. Out of the 30 trials Johnson & Johnson is sponsoring this year, half of them are researching Daratumumab in combination with other drugs in Multiple Myeloma, as well as other indications. Roche, on the other hand, is studying combination therapies with Obinutuzumab, mainly in Leukemia and Lymphoma.

ASH 2017 ta-Scan Growing Sponsors

Drugs of Interest

Burton’s Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (BTK Inhibitors) and CD19 CARTs are still among the preferred modes of action to target in drug development.

ASH 2017 ta-Scan Drugs of Interest

With 3 new molecules and 4 trials in Leukemia and Lymphoma, DTRM Biopharma is one of the smaller sponsors that is betting on BTK inhibitors.

Over the past few years, CD19 is also growing in importance as a target in Leukemia with CART-T therapies. With new drugs in development by ADC-Therapeutics, Kite Pharmaceuticals, and Celgene, we expect a competitive battle for market share in Leukemia.

News Published on October 31, 2017

Find medical experts on the go with ta-Scan Podium

With ta-Scan Podium, our new semantic search application, MDCPartners is going mobile. ta-Scan Podium allows you to leverage the powerful search capabilities of ta-Scan’s clinical intelligence database to find Key External Experts on the go, using any tablet device.

If you are moving into a new disease area or if you are trying to identify new therapeutic experts in an existing indication, why remain limited to the endless number of databases, only available on your desktop? Whether you’re at your desk, at a meeting or a conference, you can now search, refine, save, and share any expert profile with a few simple clicks on your tablet.

Learn more about Podium in the video below and see how it can improve your work effectiveness.
Book your free demo using the following link →

Immuno-Oncology Summit 2017 ta-Scan analysis

News Published on August 25, 2017

Get your FREE Immuno-Oncology Therapy Analysis by ta-Scan

Today brings the start of the Immuno-Oncology Summit 2017 in Boston, supporting researchers in developing the next generation of immunotherapies. Immuno-oncology researchers are changing the way we treat cancer by unleashing the immune system and achieving functional cures in some cancers.

MDCPartners and its ta-Scan team contribute to this purpose by teaching how clinical planners can leverage our clinical businesses intelligence software and our data merging services to get to their answers faster. The ta-Scan team created a useful analysis on oncolytic virus therapies in clinical trials. We thought today would be a good occasion to share this report with you.

>>> Click here to download the analysis <<<

ASCO 2017 ta-scan analysis

News Published on June 1, 2017

Curious about what to expect at ASCO 2017? ta-Scan has you covered!

As ASCO 2017 kicks off this Friday, finding the information relevant to you can be a hassle. Using ta-Scan, you can quickly uncover key information about sponsors, clinical trials, drugs and investigators contributing to ASCO this year. To help you out, we highlight a few interesting points.

asco 2017 abstracts


Over the past 3 years, there have been some notable changes in therapeutic areas discussed at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting. It comes as no surprise that the Immune Oncology trend is growing year on year, much like Lung Cancer. On the other hand, interest in Breast Cancer is steadily declining, which could be due to the disappointing results of Immune Oncology within Breast Cancer. Another interesting fact is the gain in Gastrointestinal Cancer abstracts at this year’s conference, after a relatively quiet 2016.

asco 2017 abstracts ta distribution

Sponsor & trial activity

Of the 1,203 clinical trials that are cited at ASCO 2017, 6 key commercial sponsors have seen considerable fluctuations in trial activity when compared to ASCO 2016. Significant gains can be seen in the trial activity of BMS, Pfizer, and Roche, whereas Novartis, Sanofi, and Johnson & Johnson have seen a decrease in trial numbers.

asco abstracts clinical trial activity

ta-Scan’s top 5 drugs to watch at ASCO 2017

With preliminary results already disclosed for some drugs debuting at ASCO, ta-Scan highlights some new drugs being discussed in the Immune Oncology space. Introduction of two Antibody drug conjugates for Prostate and Breast Cancer, the Colony Stimulating Factor-1 receptor Cabiralizumab and CD122 compounds from Nektar that facilitate immune response against tumors. In addition to anti-PD-L1 compound Incyte have a promising combination with Pembrolizumab and an indolamine 2,3 dioxygenase inhibitor, Epacadostat.

Investigator & sponsor collaborations

Looking at the percentage of top Oncology experts used by the leading commercial sponsors of trials talked about at ASCO 2017, it’s clear that Roche and Merck have an evenly distributed usage of investigators in both the USA as well as Europe, whereas others seem to lean toward USA investigator preference.

asco 2017 abstracts top onco investigators

ta-Scan’s top 5 drugs to watch at ASCO 2017

With preliminary results already disclosed for some drugs debuting at ASCO, ta-Scan highlights some new drugs being discussed in the Immune Oncology space. Introduction of two Antibody drug conjugates for Prostate and Breast Cancer, the Colony Stimulating Factor-1 receptor Cabiralizumab and CD122 compounds from Nektar that facilitate immune response against tumors. In addition to anti-PD-L1 compound Incyte have a promising combination with Pembrolizumab and an indolamine 2,3 dioxygenase inhibitor, Epacadostat.

asco 2017 abstracts new drugs

Learn more about ta-Scan

Interested in ta-Scan‘s analytical services? Request your free webinar here or contact us.

CTCLS ta-Scan distributorship Japan

News Published on April 13, 2017

CTCLS Provides Japan with Solution to Support and Accelerate Clinical Development

We are proud to present our partnership with CTC (an ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation division), who will distribute clinical development solution ta-Scan throughout Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, CTC offers ICT solutions for the life science industries, including the pharmaceutical industry.

For the first time in Japan, CTC has established an agency agreement with MDCPartners, headquartered in Belgium. CTC now distributes ta-Scan, a business intelligence software platform to assist the clinical study program implementation.

“With offering ta-Scan,” CTC states, “it is our objective […] to help reduce clinical study periods and lowering costs in clinical research and development for pharma drug, contributing to the optimization of our customer’s investment and the enhancement of competitiveness.”

For more information and use cases, read CTC’s complete press release.

CTC Contact Information

Sales Department 2

News Published on January 24, 2017

NEWS RELEASE: MDCPartners launches new ta-Scan software that ‘will revolutionize’ the way pharmaceutical companies plan for the future

Antwerp, Belgium | 24 January 2017 – MDCPartners today launches ta-Scan 5, an update of its global web-based platform that analyses clinical trial data. The new platform is set to revolutionize the way pharmaceutical researchers plan for the future, by providing unrivaled insights that will help inform future business decisions.

The new ta-Scan 5 is the first software of its kind to use exceptionally powerful algorithms to analyse clinical data from multiple global public sources in its patented Trial Cloud®. The new version 5 will mean that pharmaceutical companies are able to obtain more valuable insights on clinical research than ever before, via a more streamlined process.

The software will allow companies to go into more detail on clinical trial research than ever before, with access to over 250,000 clinical trials and 7 million scientific and clinical experts. This will provide unique insights on specific compounds, research institutes, clinical centers, patient populations, key investigators and competitor analysis to help strategic decision making.

“We believe the opportunity in clinical business intelligence is the freedom to look at data from multiple sources, from any region, combined into one system that’s easy to use. The new ta-Scan 5 does just that – it taps into vast amounts of information and provides comprehensive analysis that can be broken down easily. Pharmaceutical companies are now starting to realize their opportunities in gathering the most valuable business intelligence, and I believe the ability of this software will fundamentally change the way clinical research is planned and executed across the industry,” comments David Cocker, CSO for MDCPartners, who is presenting this week at the SCOPE Summit in Miami, Florida.

“For the first time ever, MDCPartners has been able to simplify complex trial-related queries and perform deep analysis using the most powerful algorithms yet. Using Real World Solutions, we can link internal and external information together through a portal, to generate a comprehensive landscape and get a full view of where the competing trials are conducted, and where the patient populations are. Before, we couldn’t link this information, now it is at our fingertips,” comments Dr Bart Naudts, Lead Data Architect at MDCPartners.

The ta-Scan web platform has been used by pharmaceutical and biotech researchers for the last decade. It has transformed and advanced the process of intelligence gathering and analyzes across the industry.

Media Enquiries

Mireille De Cré
+32 (0) 3 870 97 50

Tonic Life Communications
Stan Jackson / Chrissie Hannah /
+44 (0) 774 771 8279 / +44 (0)777 253 4646


Notes to Editors

About ta-Scan

ta-Scan is an intelligence web platform for clinical development, which analyses data for trial planning, expert profiling, disease landscape and competitive intelligence, for researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. It was launched nearly a decade ago to transform and advance the intelligence gathering and analyses that enable clinical development.

Powerful algorithms enable researchers to bypass print publications, restrictive registries and dense databases for the insights they need to make evidence-based decisions. With ta-Scan, users can locate key opinion leader (KOL) associations, investigators with specific therapeutic experience, or institutes with the capacity to conduct complex protocols.

To find out more about ta-Scan, please visit:

About ta-Scan 5

ta-Scan 5 is the updated model of ta-Scan, which was recently launched by MDCPartners at the SCOPE Summit in Miami, Florida, in January 2017. It offers a uniquely streamlined and simplified intelligence gathering process and improves data access and value, allowing for a more intuitive, business-oriented workflow.

ta-Scan 5 features a refined and robust search engine tool which activates alternative information pathways with the flexibility to adjust query filters with ease. The number and potential combination of trial-related queries is unrestricted, meaning that hundreds of data classes are semantically connected that can be accessed by one query.

To find out  more about ta-Scan 5, please visit:

About MDCPartners

Founded in 1999, MDCPartners specialises in business intelligence and strategic consultancy for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. They combine drug development expertise with the latest data sciences to provide clinical trial optimisation, medical expert identification and competitive intelligence.

MDCPartners is a leader in the field of data mining and semantic processing. With their patented data solutions, their clients transform millions of dispersed data points into meaningful intelligences.

MDCPartners is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, with sales offices in the USA and Japan. It has three flagship products for global pharmaceutical data solutions, including:

  • ta-Scan: the flagship product ta-Scan is a web business intelligence platform that analyses clinical development programmes, trial and site data, and involvement of medical experts
  • normScan: the medical device standards monitoring tool, normScan, is tailored to the client’s medical device portfolio. normScan tracks all relevant device standards and regulatory documents that have been published or are in development
  • Real World Solutions: an evolving area of business for MDCPartners are the customised data solutions, which tap into a robust inventory of algorithms and unique visualisation tools. Users can gain optimal insights from data either as stand-alone or combined with public data

To find out more about MDCPartners, please visit:

MDCPartners ta-Scan 5 SCOPE 2017 Miami Florida

Events, News Published on October 28, 2016

Discover ta-Scan 5 at SCOPE 2017

Summit for Clinical Operations Executives

It’s never too early for good Year’s resolutions! Ours? Start off 2017 with a bang! Indeed, in January 2017, MDCPartners will travel to sunny Florida again for the yearly Summit for Clinical Operations Executives (SCOPE), and it goes without saying that we are already looking forward to it.

The 8th Annual SCOPE Summit, taking place January 24-26, 2017 in Miami, Florida in the Hyatt Regency, will offer three stimulating days of in-depth discussions in 13 different conferences, 6 pre-conference workshops and 2 symposia focused on issues related to each aspect of clinical trial planning and management: Data Integration, Feasibility, Site Selection and Management, Patient Engagement, Recruitment and Retention, Mobile Tech, Project Management, Outsourcing, Forecasting, Budgeting and Contracting, Quality (QbD) in Trial Conduct, Risk-Based Monitoring, Post-Marketing Studies, Observational Research, Clinical Lab Services, Precision Medicine and Biomarker-Driven Trials. View SCOPE’s programs here.

Introducing ta-Scan 5

ta-scan 5

Our business and IT teams will present the clinops experts at SCOPE ta-Scan‘s latest version we have been working on the last months: ta-Scan 5! This update includes a lot of new features and a complete style make-over to enhance the user experience. Join us in Miami to discover how our clinical business intelligence software and our public-private data integration skills can leverage today’s clinical big data challenges.

Meeting Up

ta-Scan team at SCOPE 2017 Miami Florida

If you want to get an exclusive preview of ta-Scan 5 and learn more about our software solutions, visit us at booth #702 or make an appointment with the team (from left to right, from top to bottom):

Bart Naudts, IT Partner
David Cocker, CSO
Mireille De Cré, CEO
Piet van Remortel, IT Partner
Matt Tumasz, Director of Business Development USA
Jonathan Crowther, Ph.D., Strategic Analyst Oncology
Alexandra Moens, Marketing Associate
Kristof Geentjens, Technical Product Manager

MDCPartners at Immunotherapy Leaders Berlin 2016

News Published on August 3, 2016

Meet the ta-Scan Team at Immunotherapy Leaders Europe

Immuno-oncology in Berlin

Enjoying the summer, we are also excited about what comes after: in September, the ta-Scan team will be present at Immunotherapy Leaders Europe, the annual meeting for Immuno-Oncologists in Berlin.

Biomarkers for patient selection

Learn how to use our clinical business intelligence portal ta-Scan to boost success rates in immuno-oncology clinical trials through biomarker-driven patient selection from Strategic Analyst Oncology Dr Jonathan Crowther‘s presentation on:

“Biomarker evolution and utility for patient selection in clinical research”

Wednesday, September 21,  2:45 – 3:05 PM
Stream 3: Boosting success rates in immuno-oncology clinical trials
through biomarker-driven patient selection

•  Using the clinical business intelligence platform ta-Scan to track the evolution of immunotherapy biomarkers and improve patient selection resulting in successful clinical research.
•  Analysis of the immuno-oncology biomarker landscape: What are the trending biomarkers and how do they compare across clinical research?
•  Improving on study design, the who and where in clinical research.
– Estimation of patient cohorts?
– Key opinion leaders in the field?
– What benchmarks have been previously established?
•   Geographical site selection
– Where are trials primarily taking place?
– What countries and locations are suitable for my trial?

Dr Jonathan Crowther

Jonathan Crowther is Strategic Analyst Oncology at MDCPartners where he is working on growing oncology-based projects on the ta-Scan platform. Jonathan holds a PhD from the VIB/University of Leuven (Belgium) where he studied the role of large scale deletions in cancer and explored their potential as novel biomarkers of drug response. Jonathan provided bioinformatic analysis and big data solutions to ongoing areas of research, working on large cancer patient data sets such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). In this capacity Jonathan significantly contributed to a number of ongoing projects and has published on these topics.

Meeting up

You can also meet us personally at booth #27 to see a live demonstration of our ta-Scan software. Just drop by or make an appointment with David Cocker or Jonathan Crowther.

News Published on December 17, 2015

ta-Scan Infomercial

Learn more about the concepts of ta-Scan in this video highlighting pharmaceutical industry data deficiencies and ta-Scan’s solutions.
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