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If finding clinical trial information is a trial itself, you’re using the wrong resource.
ta-Scan is an intelligence platform for clinical development, including:
•   Trial feasibility
•   Country allocation and site selection
•   Investigator profiles
•   Drugs and mechanisms of action linked to trials
•   Novel science and trends in disease management
•   Competing trials in your region

New: ta-Scan Podium

Are you done with endless and unproductive searches for new Key Opinion Leaders in the field? With Podium, you can find those medical experts you’ve been missing all along, all on your tablet.

Learn how Podium can help

New: ta-Scan Podium

Are you done with endless and unproductive searches for new Key Opinion Leaders in the field? With Podium, you can find those medical experts you’ve been missing all along, all on your tablet.

Learn how Podium can help

ta-Scan can facilitate:

Latest news

  • ta-Scan Client Testimonials at SCOPE 2018

    During the SCOPE Summit in Orlando on February 12-15, 2018, we gathered some testimonials from ta-Scan clients. Learn how they leverage our clinical business intelligence platform to optimize their trial planning and feasibility.

  • Celebrate the 30th DIA Europe with us in Basel!

    The second meeting the ta-Scan team has in store for April is nothing less than the 30th edition of the DIA Europe 2018 meeting. That deserves a celebration!

    Join us in Basel

    If you want to get a demo of our clinical business intelligence solution ta-Scan and our newest developments, or learn more about our other (custom) software solutions, visit us at DIA Europe 2018 at booth #100 or make an appointment with the ta-Scan team:

    You can register here.

    DIA Europe 2018

    2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the DIA EuroMeeting. To support this anniversary, and to align this European flagship meeting with all the DIA regional flagship meetings occurring across the globe, we are renaming the gathering, DIA Europe 2018. This new name reflects not only regional alignment but also a change in approach to more directly and proactively focus on the expressed needs and interests of our constituents. DIA Europe 2018 is more than just a traditional meeting. It’s a chance to learn, engage, and grow as a professional in health care.

    We convene these platforms around the globe, from the DIA Global Annual Meeting in the United States, to regional meetings in China, Europe, India and Japan, to provide you with a neutral forum to discuss current issues, with the goal of uncovering new ways of working and new solutions for patients. We welcome participants from across the entire drug development industry. By incorporating representatives from the full life sciences landscape we facilitate open collaboration. We ensure that industry, payors, patients and regulators, all have an equal voice.

    We look forward to welcoming everyone to DIA Europe’s home in Basel, Switzerland. Download the meeting programme here.

  • Try out ta-Scan Podium at eyeforpharma Medical Affairs USA 2018

    After what has been a very busy and successful SCOPE Summit in Orlando, the ta-Scan team is preparing for the next event: eyeforpharma Medical Affairs USA, hosted in Philadelphia, April 10-11. You can register now with code MDC200 for a $200 discount if you want to join us.

    Identify Medical Experts easily with ta-Scan Podium

    Next to a completely updated and optimized user interface, ta-Scan also has a new tool in store. Our mobile application ta-Scan Podium helps Medical Affairs teams and Medical Science Liaisons to identify the right Medical Experts. Have a look at how Podium works.

    ta-Scan Podium Mobile Semantic Search Expert Profiling

    Meet us in Philadelphia

    If you want to get a demo of ta-Scan Podium and learn more about our other (custom) software solutions, visit us at eyeforpharma Medical Affairs USA 2018 at booth #12 or make an appointment with the ta-Scan team:

    Register now with code MDC200 for a $200 discount.

    eyeforpharma Medical Affairs USA

    Medical Affairs as the change agent: bring data, authenticity and patient insight to the forefront of every decision your company makes. Eyeforpharma Medical Affairs USA 2018 (April 10-11) will bring together medical leaders and other key stakeholders from across the industry, to aid the evolution of medical in becoming the ‘home’ of value within the organisation.

    Catalysts create change. The reason why the medical department is the fastest-growing department in nearly every company is because change in every other team is essential. The need for more open, science-based dialog with HCPs has never been greater; patient voices are necessarily louder and more impactful than ever; and payers require far more real world, value-based evidence. View the meeting agenda here.

  • MDCPartners announces 2018 innovation strategy this week at SCOPE Summit in Orlando (FL)

    At the 9th annual SCOPE Summit, taking place in Orlando (Florida) this week, MDCPartners will present their two latest innovative designs to the public: ta-Scan Podium and InterSect. ta-Scan Podium is an online tablet application for Clinical Ops, Medical Affairs teams, and Medical Science Liaisons that enables users to find full profiles of all relevant Key Opinion Leaders and Key External Experts. InterSect is a desktop application that interfaces with the entire ta-Scan database on a semantic level. This unique query tool allows users to overlap internal data with the ta-Scan database and match and correlate the data in the system.

    Both new innovative technologies are based on the organization’s well-known clinical business intelligence solution ta-Scan and its Semantic Search System. The patented Trial Cloud® and web mining software of ta-Scan, which is the largest semantically linked clinical database available on the web, combined with its powerful search capabilities, allow users to quickly find and analyze clinical data from multiple global public sources. The effortless delivery of in-depth and clear insights into any data point in the database is what classifies these tools as digital innovations.

    This year’s SCOPE summit will focus on stimulating innovation, change, and personalized solutions to improve the clinical trial process. With hot topics such as clinical technology and innovation and artificial intelligence in clinical research, it’s important for exhibitors to stay on top of these latest developments. Where MDCPartners’ focus in the previous years was more on the introduction of new features and developments, this year it has shifted to more personalized solutions, with new modules being completely customizable to integrate private data.

    “As a company which provides clinical intelligence, we believe it is crucial to gain greater insights into therapeutic area landscapes by using innovative and personalized solutions. That’s why we collaborate with our clients to answer the business questions they need. The goal of creating these new modules is not only to increase work efficiency, but also to make decision making more transparent and interoperable,” says CEO Mireille De Cré. MDCPartners will introduce the full product portfolio at the SCOPE summit and provide top pharma executives with private sessions to test and use the products live.

    View GlobeNewswire press release:

Publications / Downloads

  • Introduction to ta-Scan

    Get to know ta-Scan better with this general introduction fact sheet.

    US Letter Format | A4 Format
  • Clinical Trial Planning & Site Selection

    Learn how to use ta-Scan for clinical trial planning and site selection in this fact sheet.

    US Letter Format | A4 Format
  • Expert Profiling & Medical Affairs

    Learn how to use ta-Scan for expert profiling and medical affairs in this fact sheet.

    US Letter Format | A4 Format
  • Competitive Intelligence & Disease Landscapes

    Learn how to use ta-Scan for competitive intelligence and disease landscapes in this fact sheet.

    US Letter Format | A4 Format
  • Trial Feasibility Wizard

    Find out more information about ta-Scan's Trial Feasibility Wizard in this fact sheet.

    US Letter Format | A4 Format

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